About us

Our mission

At Keewi, we think that creating your project should be as simple as thinking of it.


Leading a successful fundraising campaign is usually a long and difficult process, involving investments and high risks.  Our aim is to help people with projects benefit from the full potential of their social network, based on the crowdfunding model (also called participatory financing).




What is Keewi?

Keewi is a crowdfunding platform which allows you to put designs onto quality clothes and then sell them to your community without stock management or costs.


Using our interface, you can create your model, fix a price and set the minimum number of orders before posting.  After that, we look after everything!  You just have to wait to see the first sales on your page and your profits are paid at the end of the campaign.

Who is Keewi for?

-       -  businesses and charities needing to raise funds

-       -  individuals wanting to finance personal projects (travel, building work, etc) or simply to get extra cash

-       -  websites, blogs and fan pages seeking to monetise their audience

-       -  emerging fashion brands wanting to try out a collection before launching it

-       -  shops that want to benefit from the viral potential of the T-Shirt 2.0 to communicate their visual identity.


And how will YOU use Keewi?

Tips for a successful campaign

     Share your campaign on social media to increase its visibility.  Alert all your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

Suggest that your customers make group purchases to reduce delivery costs.

Choose a maximum number of models (T-shirts, jumpers, vests) and colours to suit the tastes of all your customers.