Terms of Use

Keewi is a service which allows anyone, anywhere, to contribute their ideas. This excludes ideas including violence, incitement to hatred and any other dangers.

We are confident that with our solution, we can help thousands of people to launch their own products with the same quality and advantages as a large retail brand.


As a member of the Keewi community, your creations, which you will present to thousands of people, are likely to be subject to debate. We strive to maintain a platform with free expression to allow members to express their views. We are working and doing everything we can to create a safe and respectful platform.


As a result, we have some limitations as to what can be discussed and sold on Keewi.


In general, Keewi reserves the right to postpone or terminate a campaign which uses unauthorised content.

The points below explain the unauthorised content which could lead to us terminating your campaign.


If you have any questions about these terms of use, please contact us at support@keewi.io.

Note that these terms of use are part of the Keewi Terms, which provide the terms and conditions for your use of the Keewi Service.



Hate speech and harassment

We do not allow campaigns which encourage or call for hatred against people based on their age, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and religion, including individuals, organisations or symbols fuelling hatred against these groups. In addition, we will not allow campaigns with content which intimidates, attacks or threatens specific individuals.



We do not allow pornographic content, including explicit or extreme representations of nudity or sexual activity. Any exploitation or presentation of minors is strictly forbidden. This also includes tasteful photographs, non-pornographic and artistic photographs, and nude cartoons.


Violence or harm

We do not allow content which encourages or calls for violence or harm to people or to anything else, including campaigns for self-harm, incitement to violence or which honour terrorist groups. Providing support to victims of violence or human tragedy is permitted, provided that you do not infringe intellectual property rights.


Misleading claims

Any false or misleading content will not be allowed as part of campaigns (image, title, description or URL).

You cannot launch campaigns for charities without proper authorisation.


Illegal activity

We do not allow campaigns which support any illegal activity. This includes instructions on how to perform illegal acts or encouraging other forms of illegal activity. Political discourse or discussions on topics or events which are illegal may be acceptable.


Intellectual property

We do not allow campaigns which violate a third party's rights, including the description, title and URL of a campaign, or text and images for a product.

In addition, if a product is the intellectual property of another Keewi member, please let us know by contactingjuridique@keewi.io



If you still have questions about our policies, contact us at support@keewi.io