What is Keewi ?

Keewi is a crowdfunding platform which allows anyone to personalise clothing and sell it using a workable campaign in just a few clicks. A simple risk-free process to raise funds and so finance your desires and professional projects.

How do you launch a Keewi campaign?

To launch a Keewi campaign, click on the tab « Create a campaign » at the top of the page or on the banner « Launch a campaign » on the home page.

How much will it cost to launch a Keewi campaign ?

It is completely free to launch a Keewi campaign! Using our platform you can create and sell your clothing without advance payment, stock, printing costs or logistic costs. Keewi the #TShirt 2.0.

What type of image or file can I use to launch a Keewi campaign?

We suggest you use a .JPG .PNG .JPEG file to launch your campaign. If possible use 300 DPI for an image of the best possible quality. The quality of the printing depends on the uploaded file. If your file cannot be uploaded, it is because the quality is not good enough.

Does the value of the t-shirt vary according to the target?

Yes, the higher the target, the lower the base price of the chosen product. If the target is not met, production cannot be started and your customers’ purchases are cancelled. So it is important to set a realistic target.

Do I have to set a profit margin?

No, during the creation of your campaign it is possible not to make a profit. The buyers will pay the product base price and you will not make a profit.

How do you invite participants and buyers?

You can share your campaign on social media and send emails to your contacts.

How long does a campaign last?

Your campaign can last between 24 hours and 21 days. You will be asked to choose this at the same time as you choose the quantity target and your sales price.

Is it possible to exceed the sales target?

Yes, there is no sales upper limit in your campaign.

How do I keep track of the figures for my campaign(s)?

You can track your campaign figures by logging on to your account. You can follow the number of sold products, the profit earned and manage your current and finished campaigns.

What happens if my campaign target is not met?

If the target set for your campaign is not met, the buyers will not pay and the production/delivery of your campaign will not take place.

How do I delete my campaign?

You can end your campaign by logging on to your Keewi account.

Does Keewi take a commission on my profit?

No, the base price of the t-shirt which is indicated when you create your campaign, already includes stock, printing and logistical costs. Delivery costs are charged to the buyer. So Keewi will not take commission on the profits you make.

When and how do I access my profits?

You can ask for your profits to be paid once you have reached your sales target and your campaign is finished. Your profit is paid using a bank transfer.

When will I receive payment for the profits earned?

Your bank transfer request takes 6 working days to process. An email will be sent to you as soon as the request is processed. After sending your email there may be a delay of between 24 and 72 hours.

What are the Keewi delivery deadlines?

Delivery deadlines are between 4 to 8 days from the end of the campaign. The deadlines shown correspond to the lead time of printing, packing and dispatch of the order.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are shown by Keewi at the point of payment.